Transurfing in Traffic

Want to learn more about Reality Transurfing in a more practical style?

Transurfing in Traffic is the answer. Kathie tells stories about driving in Houston traffic and how these practical experiences relate to Reality Transurfing or Reality Creation.

On this FREE 5 day challenge, you will be taught Reality Transurfing while driving. Learn through funny stories and exactly how they relate to Reality Transurfing. Like how getting cut off in traffic relates to pendulums and your own reality creation. Or how having road rage is really sending you into an induced transition. And infinite stories coming soon in a program created by Kathie.

Learn how to write your own stories about experiences you have and how you can transform your life in what seems like magic fashion! Have fun and a laugh or two while learning all about reality creation. 🚗🤣🏄‍♀

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